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Albania Creating an enabling environment for private sector development


Review of Financial Management at a Micro-finance Institution
Bosnia Herzegovina Creating an enabling environment for private sector development

Cape Verde

Implementation of a New Planning System, Public Investment Program (PIP), and information system (PIPIS)
Ethiopia Establishing a Legal Framework for Financial Management and General Budget Support
The Gambia Strengthening the national planning and budgeting system
Ghana Implementation of the Ghana Stock Exchange
Rehabilitation of the Agricultural Development Bank
Auditing the Public Expenditure Management / PER Systems
Strengthening the Ministry of Finance

Guinea Bissau

Implementation of an Auditor General Function
Guyana Strengthening Ministry of Finance (Budget and Investment)
Jamaica National Economic Management
Latvia Strengthening credit unions
Lithuania Modernization of the Lithuania Department of Statistics
Strengthening credit unions
Hungary / Slovakia Evaluation of Securities Market Training
Macedonia Creating an enabling environment for private sector development
Pan - African Design of Accreditation Systems for Professional Consultants
Russia Development of Credit Unions
Sao Tome Integrating Planning and Budgeting at the Ministry of Finance
Senegal / Pan Africa

Strengthening the Ministry of Finance
Strengthening Education Finance Mechanisms


Securities Market Development Plan
Strategic Plan for the Capital Markets Authority

Uganda Securities Market Plan and Implementation of the Stock Exchange
Ukraine Central governance strengthening

Project Design - Information Technology Co-ordination
Strengthening of the Ministry of Finance
Roles and Relationships of the Central Institutions

Benefits of Innova’s Specialization

Specialization in governance and public finance provides our clients with applicable know-how from years of experience in Canada and 22 developing nations.

We can quickly and thoroughly assess and work with a country's enabling environment for reform and quickly provide advice to the specific needs of our clients.

Our specialization has provided us with tested and proven quality assurance procedures for all our assignments.

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