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Robert Simpson
Managing Director
Innova International Development

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A national corporation, Innova International Development Limited provides professional consulting services to developing nations and development partners. Innova provides advisory services to the Canadian International Development Agency, World Bank, UNDP, and Inter-American Development Bank.

Bob Simpson, Innova Managing Director, possesses high level government and international experience and leads in country assessments for planning, design and implementation of programs and projects, developing solutions, including legal and policy frameworks for national planning, government policy management, Cabinet operations, economic and financial management, fiscal policy planning and management and budget support.

Innova services include program risk assessment and risk management, preparation of approval documents for development partners, and monitoring and evaluating projects.


Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Ghana, Guyana, Hungary, Jamaica, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Russia, São Tomé and Príncipe, Senegal, Slovakia, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine and Vietnam

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